When Should Adults Stop Receiving Fluoride Treatment at the Dentist?

Fluoride treatments are typically recommended for children up to the age of 14, but adults can also benefit from this type of dental care. At Nataly Vildeman DDS, we believe that fluoride treatment is beneficial for adults and can help improve their dental health. During your six-month checkup, talk to your dental provider to determine how often you should receive fluoride treatment. Before fluoride was added to toothpaste, studies found that people with fluoridated water were 40 to 60 percent less likely to have tooth decay.

If the water isn't fluoridated (or doesn't have enough fluoride), your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment. This type of treatment should be repeated at least three or four times a year for it to be effective. Certain individuals may need more frequent fluoride treatments, such as those who have had an eating disorder, used drugs or alcohol in excess, have poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, weak enamel, or haven't received professional dental care in the past. In the 1930s, researchers observed that people who grew up drinking water with natural fluoride had up to two-thirds fewer cavities than those who grew up drinking water without fluoride.

Fluoride is found naturally in most water sources, but adding small amounts of fluoride to tap water is especially beneficial for people who don't have regular access to a dentist. If you've had professional dental cleaning, you've likely undergone fluoride treatment as well.

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