What is the Cost of a Dental Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments are a form of preventive dental care, and as such, many insurance plans cover the cost. Fluoride is also added to public drinking water in small amounts to help improve dental health for everyone. However, too much fluoride can lead to fluorosis, which is caused by frequent exposure to multiple sources of fluoride, such as over-the-counter treatments or products derived from grapes, nuts, dried beans, cocoa powder, nuts and old tea leaves that absorb fluoride from the soil. Your dental insurance may cover a large part or all of the cost of a fluoride treatment.

While fluoride treatments are highly effective in preventing tooth decay, they should only be used as directed and with the supervision of a dental professional. If you have low levels of fluoride deposits in your teeth, you could be at risk of developing tooth decay. It is important to avoid eating before the fluoride treatment procedure, as this can prevent the absorption of fluoride in the enamel. Fluoride treatments are not considered a primary form of treatment, but rather a complement to other forms of fluoride treatment such as toothpaste or fluoridated water.

Your dentist may suggest that you start using oral care products that contain fluoride at home or even fluoride treatments at home, which can be very practical and affordable. Studies have been conducted to examine the effectiveness of fluoride varnish when used alone or in an oral health program, and they have also compared the results of using fluoride varnish to placebo, routine care or lack of treatment.

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