Does Insurance Cover Fluoride Treatment for Adults?

Most dental insurance plans don't cover fluoride treatments for adults, but the cost of Affiliated Dentists is just a nominal fee that you pay out of pocket. Although insurance companies have not kept up to date with the benefits of fluoride treatments for adults, the costs are moderate and the benefits are great. Fluoride treatments have been proven to help fight tooth decay and reduce sensitivity, and provide an extra layer of protection for teeth, as well as a nutritional boost. Fluoride varnish treatments are usually not covered by many insurance plans for adults.

For some reason, they've determined that it's important for children to use fluoride varnish, but when it comes to people over 18, it's not that important. What used to be part of cleaning a child has become a preventive method that is used in all areas. Despite this, most insurance companies still only pay for children and young adults to undergo fluoride treatments. The cost of fluoride treatment is worth it even if your insurance doesn't want to pay for it.

The benefits are great and the costs are moderate, so don't let your insurance company stop you from getting the treatment you need.

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